Is your data accurate? e-Citizen allows you to see and verify it. eCitizen is a secure way to verify your Nigerian identity online. It makes it safe, quick and easy to access government services like filing your tax or checking the information on your driving licence and much more


Smash Audio™

SmashAudio™ is a free mobile audio app, It provides users with both online and offline audio services, as well as a freely customizable user experience. It provides a myriad of exciting features, with some listed below.

  1. International radio player: With over 2,000 radio stations
  2. Offline music player
  3. Ultra-High Definition Video Player
  4. Music recognition


Project Resource System™

PRS™ is a project management software tool designed to manage and monitor company projects regardless of the size of the comapny.Some of its features are as follows:

  1. An easy-to-understand dashboard that provides a clear overview of workers’ tasks
  2. Graphical representation of the progress of workers’ tasks
  3. Easy creation, assignment, and management of workers’ tasks to streamline the office workflow
  4. Easy tracking of workers’ tasks to manage new, ongoing, or overdue tasks
  5. Grouping of tasks according to described projects to manage the interconnectedness of your company’s tasks.


Document Repository System™

DORIS™ is a document management and monitoring software built to suit the organizational needs of our clients to share documents and monitor document release dates, changes and versions. This software service includes the following features::

  1. Easy uploading of company documents for safe storage.
  2. Categorization of documents according to document subject type, e.g. User Manuals, Business Requirement Documents (BRD), etc. This is done to ensure easy and quick storage, and retrieval of related company documents.
  3. Categorization of documents according to department. This provides a more focused storage and retrieval process that allows workers to easily access documents that are relevant to their department, regardless of the author (uploader).
  4. Detailed representation of document information metadata for easy understanding. Examples of such metadata include the document’s author, the date of upload, relevant document category, etc.


Inventory Management System™

IMS™ is a web-based management application designed to assist an organization in managing its inventory. It serves the function of proper tracking and management of company stock. The services it provides include the following:

  1. An easy-to-use web application dashboard that shows overview information of a company’s stock status. For example, available and out-of-stock items can be easily viewed from this dashboard.
  2. A detailed reporting module that provides expenditure breakdowns for various purchases of company products. This provides easy tracking of company purchases in an easy-to-view format.
  3. An admin managed logging system that provides a means of tracking user activities within the system. This provides a strong layer of data integrity as system users are working with the system.
  4. A personalized user workspace that shows user account information arranged into informative tabs.