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BioSuite™ is collection of highly customizable and multiplatform biometric and demographic solutions designed to interface with each and provide services such as biometric data capture, demographic data capture, Verification/matching, ICAO compliance check, data encryption and security, and more to meet our clients’ specified requirements. The BioSuiteTM comprises of the following solutions:

  1. BioEnrolTM (PC, Android, and API): this is the data capture system that handles the demographic data capture, biometric data capture, image capture.
  2. BiosecureTM (PC, Android, and API): This system handles verification and matching using biometric data such as face, fingerprint, and iris to conduct 1:1 or 1:N matching.
  3. BioConnectTM (Server-side application): this is the backend/backbone of this ecosystem. It handles all data processing including data encryption, decryption, CRUD operations and data security.