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  • VeriFinger 10.0 Extended SDK

Verifinger is a fingerprint identification for stand-alone or web solutions. The technology assures system performance with fast, reliable fingerprint matching in 1-to-1 and 1-to-many modes. VeriFinger is available as a software development kit that allows development of stand-alone and Web-based solutions on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms. Also the Fingerprint Matcher component includes fused matching algorithm that allows to increase template and following the commonly accepted fingerprint identification schemes matching reliability by: -matching templates that contain 2 or more fingerprint records -matching templates that contain fingerprint, face, voiceprint and/or iris records The Fingerprint Matcher component matches 40,000 fingerprints per second and is designed to be used in desktop or mobile biometric systems, which run on PCs or laptops with at least Intel Core 2 Q9400 (2.67 GHz) processor. With two SDKs designed to operate at different capabilities VeriFinger Extended SDK: Designed for biometric Web-based and network application development, It contains all features and components of the Standard SDK. Additionally, the SDK includes Fingerprint Client component licenses for PCs and mobile clients, sample client applications, tutorials and a ready-to-use matching server component.

Nov 07, 2018

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