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  • MegaMatcher ABIS 10.0 Starting Kit

Megamatcher Automated Biometric Identification System or ABIS for short is a large scale biometric systems designed for developers and integrators as such. ABIS is packed with state of the art solutions for different biometric identification purposes with the ability to carry out – Multiple complex biometric transaction purposes – High speed and accurate transactions – Highly customizable to meet your immediate needs – High availability and fault tolerance – Scalable, modular architecture – Biometric adjudication Different large-scale biometric projects may have specific system performance requirements. MegaMatcher ABIS features modular architecture with components designed for a specific task. Each component can be scaled up to meet project requirements. This includes services, modules and components. Management service is the core component of MegaMatcher ABIS, requests for biometric services are executed via transaction mechanism and the unit is responsible for managing ABIS transaction workflow. – Image processing service is used for quality assessment and extraction from fingerprint, face and iris images. – Matching service This responsible for storing biometric data in the Template database and matching the received biometric data against the stored biometric data in the database. Matching service can range from a single unit to a cluster of multiple units. – MegaMatcher ABIS API is an easy flexible web services-based interface for communication with Megamatcher ABIS units, outside of MegaMatcher core, as well as external client applications. – Adjudication application is designed for human experts, who examine questionable biometric matching results, like non-matching templates or detected duplicate(s), which are determined by defined restrictions. – Administration Service is designed to manage and monitor MegaMatcher ABIS system using role-based access control. – Megamatcher ABIS Client Application is a platform independent web-based application for key functionalities of Megamatcher ABIS solution, like comprehensive multi modal enrollment, verification, identification and adjudication. Most components of MegaMatcher ABIS can be customized for specific project needs and restrictions. The customization may range from user interface translation into required language to modifying the system architecture.

Nov 07, 2018

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