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  • SentiVeillance SDK

SentiVeillance SDK is optionally available for developing software that performs biometric face identification and detects moving pedestrians or vehicles or other objects using live video streams directly from cameras. The SentiVeillance 6.0 technology has these specific capabilities: Real time performance: SentiVeillance technology performs face, pedestrian or object recognition and tracking in real time. Two algorithms for surveillance systems: Depending on the surveillance system design, one of these algorithms may be used. Biometric face recognition algorithm is based on deep neural networks and provides these capabilities Surveillance systems:Multiple face detection, facial identification, face tracking, gender classification (optional),age determination (optional) and attributes detection(smile, open-mouth, closed-eyes, glasses, dark-glasses, beard and mustache). Motion detection and tracking algorithm performs advanced detection of moving objects in the scene, their classification and tracking until they disappear with features such as object classification, restricted areas control and tolerance to weather conditions. Automatic operation The detected faces are matched against the watch list in the internal database and recognized faces are immediately reported to the system. The system uses face tracking for automatic enrollment from video stream and adding new facial templates to watch list on the fly. Face extractor component The Face Extractor creates face templates from face images. The component is intended for enrolling faces from still images into a surveillance system and provides its functionality for reasonable price.

Nov 07, 2018

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